A downloadable roguelike for Windows

Sands of Delirium is my submission for the 2019 7DRL Challenge. It is designed as a coffee-break roguelike. This is my first shot at this challenge and is also my first complete, polished game.

Descend the stairs of the evil djinn's lair and gather the 5 crystal gems to earn your freedom. Be careful, the gems seem to have a strange effect on your mind. Make it out of the lair with as much gold as you can!

HJKL (YUBN) - Movement (8 cardinal directions)
Space - Pickup item/Go down stairs

Made with Game Maker Studio 2. Graphics by Oryx Design Lab (Logo made by me). Uses some code from /u/riotpopper and Mfzz99 as a basis (Generator and AI). Sound from SFXR & BFXR. Also utilized GitHub Desktop to be able to work on this at home and work.

I began work on this game on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 and completed it on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 PST. (Submitted early as I will be out of town the weekend it would be 'due')


SandsofDelirium.zip - Standalone/Portable 2 MB


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Hi! I downloaded the game but couldn't seem to interact with any controls except toggling the sound on and off. Pressed space, arrow keys, tried clicking around...not sure if it's me or if there's an error!

Sorry about that! I forgot to put the controls in my submission page!

Movement uses the HJKL keys and Space is used to pick up/go down stairs